Zenfolio announced that the Portfolio, PortfolioPlus and ProSuite plans now allow for video hosting. You can upload video or slideshow files directly to the platform.

Business-Focused Videos

Zenfolio now allows users to upload video and slideshow files directly to their website. Zenfolio says it sees users using the video feature to show off their work and capitalize on video ecommerce.

According to the company, it has observed that many photographers are adding video services to their offering through either a full production or a simple slidehow. Behind-the scenes video is increasingly being used by photographers to promote their businesses. Zenfolio allows customers to upload videos directly to its platform.

PortfolioPlus, ProSuite, and PortfolioPlus plans now allow you to upload and store videos directly on Zenfolio. You can also share them in client galleries. Videos can be uploaded to Zenfolio to market or promote services. They can also be used for delivering finished products. Zenfolio users can include video in pre-sold packages and allow for custom watermarks.

Zenfolio Video

Video support is included in three options and costs no extra. Portfolio Tier subscribers have the ability to host up 25 videos during their account’s lifetime. PortfolioPlus subscribers can host up 75 videos. ProSuite members at the top tier can host up to 250 videos. Additional video units may be purchased as an option. Videos can be supported at 1080p Full HD resolution and support two-channel audio. They can also be uploaded as.mov or.mmp4. Videos cannot be longer than 20 minutes in length and files must not exceed 3 GB.

Zenfolio’s service allows videos, while being more restrictive than third-party options, to be seamlessly integrated into websites. Zenfolio’s release notes show an example of the video player.

Other Updates

Zenfolio’s platform has seen several significant updates since it acquired Format in November. Users can add a location tool that displays the exact location of a business and provides directions. This update also includes video support. The company released a new template website called District on November 22. This adds to the existing templates that were launched on November 11. Zenfolio improved the shopping experience by allowing clients to include items from multiple print laboratories in one order. This makes checking out faster and easier. Zenfolio also launched a simplified price list layout that will make sales more efficient.