The pickup truck is now even more powerful when it’s paired with the Ford Ranger.

The second generation Volkswagen Amarok was redesigned completely in engineering. This programme was designed to give the pick-up truck more space and load-carrying capability than its predecessor (12 years ago).

It will be available for sale in the UK before the end the year. This Ford Ranger has been designed in partnership with Ford.

According to Lars Krause (VWCV’s marketing boss), both trucks are built on the T6 ladder frame chassis, a box-section steel structure that Ford designed but was modified by Volkswagen.

He stated that the new Amarok is a better pick-up than if Volkswagen did it all alone. Ford is the same: Without our input, it wouldn’t have been as good as the Ranger. We have been able to combine our strengths through the partnership. The product has greatly benefited from the partnership, in addition to the business aspect.”

Krause said that more than 830,000 Amaroks have been sold so far. This truck was built in Australia, Germany and South Africa.

The new Amarok will come in single- and double-cab body styles, as well as five trim levels, including Pan-Americana or Aventura. These are described respectively as being off-road- and on-road-oriented.

“We have significantly changed the design. It’s much more expressive,” stated Albert Kirzinger (head of design at VWCV), revealing that the vehicle will have two front ends. This includes the X-Design bumper treatment, which was shown in earlier renderings on more expensive models.

The Amarok has its own unique bonnet, front wings and outer skins. The Ranger shares elements such as the roof, windscreen and side windows.

The sides have more prominent rear wheel arches than before, and the new-look tailgate features ‘Amarok” stamped into it. There is a 100mm difference between standard rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive systems. This depends on which engine you choose: one permanently rear-driven and one natively rear-driven.

The payload has been increased to 1200kg. A towing capacity of up 3500kg across a wider range is possible. Roof-loading capacity of 350kg is also possible. The Ranger’s fording limit has been increased.

The Ranger will come with a plug-in hybrid petrol-electric drivetrain. However, it won’t be available in the Amarok due to “a less than satisfactory electric-only range”. Autocar can confirm that engineering studies are underway to make the new pickup a fully-electric drivetrain.

Although the interior is identical to the Ranger’s, it has typical Volkswagen touches to live up to the quality and comfort expectations of the Amarok. This includes a multifunction steering wheel, seats and switchgear, as well as trims.

Ford’s Sync4 system is the foundation for touchscreen infotainment. The Pan-Americana, Aventura and Aventura models will have artificial leather upholstery on the dashboard, doors, and seats.

Ford readies second electric van

Ford is preparing to launch an electric Tourneo Custom people carrier as the second of four commercial EVs.

The E-Tourneo is due to arrive on 9 May. It’s expected to closely resemble the E-Transit. It will be equipped with a 68kWh lithium battery that provides 196 miles of range, and a rear-mounted motor capable of making 265bhp or 317lb ft.