One photographer based in the Philippines has turned his attention to his “backyard” and photographed the natural beauty of his native province in times of limited international travel.

Landscape photographers are always more productive elsewhere than they are locally.

John Kimwell Laluma from the Philippines is a landscape photographer. His travel plans were also delayed which forced him out to explore his local province.

After trying many different types of photography, Laluma found personal fulfillment in landscape photography. He also became a Key Opinion leader for Fujifilm Philippines and has been delivering talks and workshops about his beautiful country.

Laluma initially only focused on destinations that would make a great bucket list, but he has since changed his mind and now sees his home with a new perspective. Laluma began a series of photographs titled “Pieces of Home” in practical terms.

He tells PetaPixel that he realized that the pandemic had lasted longer than he expected and that subsequent restrictions were more severe.

“Back in March 2020 I thought everything would be back to normal by quarter end but as the lockdowns continued to extend, it became clear that travel would be limited at best so that I had to make the most out of what I had,” Laluma says.

Laluma started by exploring Google Earth. She made notes of interesting landscapes and nightscapes. These provide beautiful lighting but require Laluma to rise at 2 or 3 AM.

He says that light and atmosphere can create powerful images. You just need to be there.

Recently, Laluma’s perception of landscape photography has changed from one that is oriented towards outward exploration to one that is more meditative.

“I find peace out in the woods shooting nature and I hope my photos can convey this feeling. He explains that it’s not about getting a portfolio-worthy photo, but about returning home mentally and spiritually reenergized.

Laluma describes his photo of a local waterfall as “our own version of Antelope National Park.” It was not an easy place to photograph, as Laluma had the challenge of standing almost chest deep in the strong current. The area was dark enough that he didn’t need a filter. He was able use slow shutter speeds to create soft movement in water.

Laluma was fascinated by the textures of Death Valley and took photos of a dried lake to remind him of the California desert landscape he cannot visit.

Some other memorable images include Geminid meteor shower and Pink Trumpet trees blooming, the Milky Way’s galactic center, as well as the rare sighting of Pink Trumpet tree flowers.

PetaPixel Laluma reveals to one thing he has learned from his “Pieces of Home” series: Photographers often overlook beauty in even the most familiar places.

While exotic destinations like Iceland are always appealing, it is worth exploring your locality. These places are often taken for granted, so why not see them in a new light?