Sharjah Architecture Triennial announced that Tosin Oshinowo, an architect, has been appointed as its curator for the second edition. It will open in 2023. The triennial has been an international platform that highlights architecture from West and South Asia since its 2018 inaugural edition. Oshimoro was chosen because of her socially-responsive approach to architecture and deep understanding of African urban and architectural contexts. Her work reflects SAT’S mission to promote a multidisciplinary approach that fosters an understanding the wider role of architecture and its relationship to other issues.

Tosin Oshinowo says that his approach is influenced by Sharjah’s history, traditions and landscape. He explores architecture and design solutions built from scarcity conditions. The Lagos-based architect founded cmDesign Atelier. His portfolio includes residential, commercial, and civic projects throughout Nigeria. Oshinowo is best known for his collaboration with UNDP to create a new community in northern Nigeria. This project was created in order to rebuild a village that had been displaced by Boko Haram.

Oshinowo’s curatorial idea centers on Oshinowo’s theme of adaptability. This is in keeping with Sharjah Architecture Triennial’s commitment to address the challenges we face around the globe, not just in the Global South. Oshinowo, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge from her African work, brings to the second edition a crucial and needed focus on socially-responsive approaches to architecture and urbanism. – Hoor AlQasimi, Sharjah Architecture Triennial Director

Oshinowo’s approach to design is more equitable because it considers the impact on society and the environment. Oshinowo’s thoughtful consideration of the societal and ecological implications of design leads to a vision of the future architecture that is based on equity. Oshinowo was the co-curator for 2019 of Lagos Biennial. Oshinowo has written extensively about urbanism, afromodernism, and identity.