People around the globe have found lockdowns to be a difficult time. However, the rise in dog ownership is directly linked to isolation and working from home more.

Many people want to travel more than what they can do at home. Holidays can be difficult when you have a dog companion.

Travel in 2021 will be a great option for everyone, including pets. These are some dog-friendly options for your next trip.Do not forget yourGetty dog

These are the most dog-friendly European cities

Good Trip Clothing recently ranked the following items in a recent studyThese are the 50 most dog-friendly European cities. Paris was the top dog with 351 dog-friendly hotel rooms, 184 dog friendly restaurants, and many other travel options.


Rome, Moscow, and Vienna were also ranked among the top10 ideal destinations to take your dog. This shows us that there are no limits to your travels with four-legged companions.

Hotels that are dog-friendly

Hotels have offered ‘dog-friendly rooms’ for many years. However, there has been an increase in the number of hotels that cater to your pet.

The UKThe Lygon ArmsThe Cotswolds offer a spa grooming service for dogs. This includes a shampoo, cut, dry, and blueberry facial treatment. You also get a paw balm and a choice between Jimmy Chow and Jean Paw Gaultier perfumes.

You can give your dog a tweed bed with soft cushioning (by Le Chameau), and a ceramic bowl to make him feel at home.


Glamping with your four-legged friend

Glamping and camping have been long-held as the most dog-friendly holiday options. The appeal of camping and glamping is not only outdoor fun but also a low risk of property damage and easy access to toileting areas.

This UK-based company has improved the experience for your dog.

Parkdean ResortsA limited-edition range of dog tipis is now available to dogs who want to escape this summer.

Glamping tents are available in many sizes and styles to meet the needs of your furry friend. These tents are Instagram-worthy and feature soft cushions, an open-play structure, luxurious ensuites, and a patch of grass.

Home swap with your hound

You might think home swapping is a bad idea for your furry friend. Popular home swapping websites are available.Love Home SwapMany locations on the site specify that dogs are welcome.