Takeway’s T2 Clampod is a lightweight, compact clamping stand that attaches to any surface and can be stored easily without adding weight or taking up too much space to a bag.

Takeway describes the new “clampod” as a mini tripod that can adapt to different surface types due to its integrated clamp. It has an “improved” design in particular with respect to stability and precision. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy (200g or 0.45 pounds), and can carry up to 40 kg (88 pounds).

The clampod was designed for action and extreme sports photography. It can be attached to any flat surface or cylindrical surface using its clamp. This allows endless possibilities, as it can be clamped at any angle and to any object. You can attach the clampod to cylindrical surfaces up to 50mm (two inches) in size.

The clampod features a ballhead with a quick release plate and 1/4-inch thread to mount cameras. It also allows 360-degree rotation. If required, third-party ball heads may also be installed to increase the load capacity.

It is compatible with a wide variety of devices, making it suitable for many purposes beyond just action photography.

Cubic jaws with three different grooves below the ball head make clamping easy. A soft plastic handle and precise screw allow for tightening of the clamp. The green inner clamp can be folded when the clampod’s not in use. This allows the clampod to fit easily in a small bag or pocket.

Takeway T2 Clampods start at $61 and come with a smartphone holder.