Experiences of foreign tastes and traditions are more memorable than tourist attractions. We’ve hand-picked seven top European breakfast places to give you a taste of local culture.

1. Tostada in Spain

It sounds like toast. But, when you sit down for your first meal in Madrid, there’s something more. It’s a traditional combination of tomato, olive oil, and tomate y Aceite. For non-vegetarians, add a slice Iberian ham and you’re ready for the day. A local variation, which is manteca colora, is used to top the coloured lard if you are visiting Andalucia in southern Spain. To give the lard its characteristic orange colour, paprika and other spices were added before it was used to cook finely chopped pork.

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2. Knackebrod, Sweden

Without knackebrod (traditional Swedish crispbread with a distinctive taste of Rye), breakfast would be difficult in Sweden. Popular toppings include hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and ham with slices and tomatoes. The popular fish roe spread Kalles Kaviar, which contains chopped mackerel and tomato sauce, makes things even more intense. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, it should always be accompanied with super-strong coffee.

3. Cornetto in Italy

Cornetto may be thought of as ice cream. But in most parts of Italy, you can ask for breakfast cornetto to get a croissant. Cornetto alla Crema is a type of Italian cream custard that can be served plain or with jam, chocolate or jam. You’ll find breakfast everywhere you go in Florence. It’s usually coffee and croissants. But for the best view, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, has a great view of Michelangelo’s David. For something a little different, you can try the traditional Lazio maritozzo, which is a sweet-treat breakfast with whipped cream. For centuries, it has been the breakfast choice for hungry Romans.

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4. Karelian pie Finland

The Helsinki staple, the savoury Karjalan pie or Karelian pizza, is a pastry crust that’s made from rye dough and filled with thick rice porridge. It can be eaten as is or with egg butter topping, which is made by mash hard-boiled eggs and soft butter. You can enjoy gourmet toppings such as smoked salmon or reindeer meat while you look out over Helsinki’s Baltic Sea. Puuro is a porridge made from oats and served with milk, berries and sugar.

5. Tiropita in Greece

The Greeks are not known for their love of breakfast. Coffee and paximadia, a biscuit or bread, are good options for breakfast. The ubiquitous tiropita (or cheese pie) is the best snack choice when hunger strikes around 11 o’clock in the morning. Filo pastry is stuffed with feta cheese, herbs, and then shaped into crescents or sausages. Skopelos’s regional variation is the spiral snail shape. This makes a convenient pocket-sized parcel.

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6. Sir i vrhnje in Croatia

Traditional breakfast delight for Croatians in Krapina-Zagorje County. The main ingredients of siri i vrhnje include cottage cheese and soured milk. Mix them all together, then add salt, garlic, smoked paprika and salt to your liking. To make a crunchy crust, it’s served with unleavened bread made from maize. You will be ready to explore the stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery along the Dalmatian coast.

7. Canistrelli in France

Sweet biscuits are a common part of Corsica’s daily life. While sweet biscuits may seem a little indulgent to many Northern Europeans, it is a regular part of Northern European culture. Canistrelli are made from flour, sugar, olive oil and mixed with white wine and other flavourings such as lemon zest or anise. Double-baked for crispness and long shelf life. However, the olive oil gives them a crunchy texture that is perfect for dipping in your morning coffee.