Samsung announced that it will be adding an NFT marketplace to its smart TV system. This will allow users to buy, sell, display, and browse art on Samsung TVs as part of a series CES announcements.

Samsung’s new Smart TVs are equipped with its “Smart Hub,” a system that places content curation and discovery at the center of the viewing experience. It will help users find their favourite content and new content faster than traditional search. The Smart Hub can switch between the three main modes Media, Gaming, or Ambient quickly. Samsung has not yet clarified the Smart Hub’s functionality with Tizen, its current Smart TV app — or if this will replace it.

The Hub has four main features: The gaming hub, which is a way for you to discover and play video games directly through your televisions, and is supported by Samsung’s partnership with NVIDIA GeForce Now and Stadia. Smart Calibration is an intuitive platform that allows you to trade, purchase and discover digital artwork using MICROLED, Neo QLED, and The Frame.

Samsung’s Integrated NFT Platform

The NFT Platform is the first major TV manufacturer to offer non-fungible tokens in any capacity. It provides NFT owners with a tangible way to enjoy their purchases.

Samsung NFT Platform preview

This system includes the company’s NFT platform. It allows users to search, buy, sell and display NFT art through compatible Samsung TVs. According to the company, the NFT platform that it developed features an intuitive and integrated platform. Samsung Smart Calibration automatically adjusts the display settings to the creator’s preset values to ensure that art is displayed or bought exactly as the artist intended. The Verge uses the example to show how this could work, comparing it to Dolby Vision and Netflix Calibrated Modes.

Samsung Micro LED example

Compatibility and Availability

The company’s 2022 lineup will include MICROLED, Neo QLED and The Frame TV models. The NFT Marketplace feature is supported by these models. Samsung claims that the platform acts as an aggregator. Therefore, it is likely that multiple NFT marketplaces will support the platform. Although the company has not yet specified which NFT marketplaces it will be supporting, this information should become available closer to the commercial availability.