Sabrent will expand its memory card portfolio by introducing a new CFexpress type B card. It will be available in two capacities: 512GB and 1TB. The company promises fast read and write speeds, as well as storage integrity features.

Sabrent launched its SD card line in March. The new CFexpress Type A cards promise peak read speeds of up to 1,700 MB/s, and peak write speeds of as high as 1,500 MB/s. This card is capable of delivering speeds comparable to some of the fastest cards on the market. Sabrent also claims that the cards can be used for sustained speeds: 1,600MB/s read sustained speeds and 400MB/s writing sustained speeds.

Memory card manufacturers have to maintain high sustained write speeds. However, this is critical for high-resolution cameras that can record high frame rates and high resolution video. Video clips that are unable to sustain certain speeds may experience dropped frames, stuttering or even failure to record. Some brands, such as Angelbird, promise high sustained write speeds. However the Compact Flash Association (CFA), currently certifies cards that can sustain 400 MB/s under its VPG400 certification. The promised sustained speeds can’t be independently verified because neither Angelbird nor Sabrent have a CFA VPG 400 certificate.

Sabrent CFexpress Type B

Sabrent claims that the cards can support standard features found in SSDs such as TRIM, SMARTER, encryption, and even upgradable firmware. Advanced flash management techniques are also used in the cards, including RAID error correction and LDPC, as well as end-to-end data security, wear-leveling, defect management and over-provisioning. Sabrent claims that its CFexpress cards can withstand years of usage.

Sabrent states that the CFexpress Type B Cares are compatible with both professional and hobbyist cameras.

The Sabrent Rocket Type B 1TB memory cards will retail at $490. The 512GB capacity will be $340. Both capacities can be pre-ordered on Amazon. They will be available for release on May 19.

Sabrent already makes a CFexpress Type B reader that supports USB 3.2. It works without the need to install any drivers for Mac, Windows, or Linux. It’s currently available for purchase at $57