Profoto pushes the limits of light-shaping with its new productProfoto B10XThe XL1 is a versatile, portable off-camera flash and light that provides up to 30% more continuous light than previous models. The intuitive interface is designed to make workflow easier so that photographers and videographers can do what they love more. This light will not only improve your shoot day, but also the many Profoto OCF accessories that can be linked to the Profoto B10X. You can expect a better final product.

It’s more powerful than you might think. It has roughly the same flash power as five speed lights. It is extremely portable and roughly the same size as a 24-70mm lens. This allows creators to easily add it to their kits without having to notice the additional weight. It can be used in all genres, including videographers and photographers. It produces a natural light that is stunningly natural and can be used on all types of light stands, from light stands to camera tripods.

We have all the information we can about the Profoto B10X. It is available in the following packages Profoto B10X and Profoto B10X.

The Profoto B10X Key Features

The Profoto B10X is full of highlights. The Profoto B10X is a portable, user-friendly flash and off-camera light that provides natural, subtle brightness across all genres and subjects. The light-shaping tool can be recycled in just two seconds. It also offers up to 30% more continuous light. It is comparable to five–yes five speed lights. All this in a small, portable package that is roughly the same size as a 24-70mm lens.

This lightweight, cordless tool allows creators to light shape to their hearts’ content. It works with over 120 Profoto light-shaping instruments, including the brand’s OCF-modifier range. It has a simple design and is compatible with the Profoto app.

Profoto B10X features key features:

  • The size and shape of a 24-70mm zoom lens
  • Maximum 3250 lumens
  • Continuous light up to 30% higher
  • Recycling speeds up to two seconds faster (35 percent faster than the predecessor).
  • Graphics with a more minimalistic and distinct expression
  • Cordless, light-weight design
  • Similar flash power to five speedlights
  • Continuous light that is powerful and adjustable in brightness and color temperature
  • Both light stands and camera tripods allow for flexibility in setting up
  • Compatibility with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools, including the brand’s OCF collection
  • Compatibility with Profoto Air remotes
  • Compatible with Profoto A series flashes
  • Profoto’s Bluetooth technology AirX is built-in
  • Profoto app enables smart connectivity

Portable light-shaping device

The Profoto B10X measures approximately the same size as a 24-70mm lens and is lightweight and compact. The light-shaping tool can be easily carried on all kinds of trips. The attachments can be attached to both light stands and camera tripods, ensuring a seamless user experience. It also features Bluetooth technology and smart connectivity through the Profoto app. This makes it easy to use on the move.

Amazing power and light-shaping precision

Profoto B10X has leaps and bounds over its predecessors. It has a 35 percent faster recycling speed, 30 percent more continuous lighting and up to 3250 lumens. The light is also lighter than five speed lights and has the same flash power as five speed lights. These are just a few of the many features that help photographers and videographers produce stunning, illuminated results.

Integration with other light-shaping tools

Profoto designed the B10X to seamlessly integrate with other light-shaping tools such as its extensive OCF-modifier range. This range includes everything soft boxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, and more. It can be used with more than 120 accessories from the brand. The Profoto B10X can be used with Profoto Air Remotes or the Profoto A flashes.