Presonus Revelator Series is designed to simplify voice capture for broadcasters, streamers and gamers. The company now has two advanced additions to its already impressive hardware line-up. The Presonus Dynamic Microphone or the Presonus Io44 Revelator Stereo Interface are both simple solutions.

PreSonus Revelator Dynamic Mikrophone

Presonus Revelator Dynamic USB C microphone allows you to take the perfect shot anywhere. The dynamic capsule is custom-designed to provide excellent isolation and rejection of off-axis sounds. You can say goodbye to unwanted ambience and welcome to crystal clear vocals. You will be able to have the clear clarity and silky sound that you want, without unwanted room noise. The Revelator Dynamic Microphone is based on the PD-70 and comes with 16 presets, eight of which are factory-set and eight that can be customized. This microphone gives you that professional sound.

With powerful processing tools, you can control the EQ, compression and gating. These emulations, which are based on the most sought-after studio models, are simply stunning. Mixes with zero lag are guaranteed by the high-powered internal amplifier and low-latency monitoring.

Do you livestream depend on simultaneous audio sources for audio? No problem at all. Easy blending of audio from different applications is possible with the Revelator Dynamic Microphone. Studio Magic software is included in your bundle. It makes it easy to add zoom calls, podcast guests or video game audio.

Are you looking to record some professional-quality vocals while on the road? Studio One Artist recording software is included with the microphone. You can record professional-quality vocals anywhere inspiration strikes. Presonus is aware that the looks of video streamers are important. The sleek black design, soft blue-light glow and included PTS-1 Desktop stand give it a modern look that can be used with any background. The Revelator Dynamic Microphone is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and iPadOS.

The Key Features

  • Bus-powered USB-C compatible dynamic microphone
  • A microphone capsule custom-designed for vocal clarity and superior off-axis rejection
  • Integrated mixer with 2 dedicated loopback audio channels
  • Onboard processing includes EQ, Compression and Gate, as well as Voice Effects, Limiter and Limiter. There are eight factory presets that can be used and eight presets for users.
  • Studio One Artist and Studio Magic Software Bundle Included

Presonus io44 Revelator Audio Interface

You can get the same power and flexibility using your favorite microphone and Presonus Revelator Audio Interface io44. This tiny mini-powerhouse contains everything you need to create professional-sounding recordings and live streams. The 4×2 USBC interface features multiple inputs that allow you to connect almost anything and broadcast your talents around the globe. The combo XLR/Instrument Jack features +48V Phantom power to use with any microphone, instrument, or headset mic. A 1/4″ TRRS can also be used with headset mics.

An 1/8″ line input completes the connections and gives you access to any external stereo source. To create the perfect mix, the io44 Revelator has an integrated mixer. Stereo 1/4″ outputs can be connected to any existing mixer or speaker. The io44, like the Revelator Dynamic Microphones, includes Studio One Artist recording software as well as Studio Magic bundles. Broadcast your broadcast to your neighbours or across the globe.

The Key Features

  • Ultra-compact, mobile 4×2 USB streaming interface
  • StudioLive’s powerful onboard processing allows you to refine your sound with reverb and compression, EQ, EQ, Voice FX, and EQ.
  • An integrated mixer allows you to combine audio from up three applications at once
  • Connect to microphones, headphones, guitars and stereo sources such as DJ mixers.
  • Presets that can be integrated and customized to save, share, or create on-the-go
  • Studio One Artist recording software, Studio Magic software bundle
  • XLR combo Microphone/Inst Input with +48V Phantom Power
  • TRS 1/8 ” Stereo line input
  • 1TRRS 1/4″ stereo Headset Connection (mic in, Stereo out)
  • 2 TRS 1/4” Main outputs

The Presonus Revelator series Dynamic USB–C Microphone and the io44 USB–C Audio Interface are great options to enhance your broadcasting and live streaming. Let the magic begin!

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