Esteban Amaro is my name and I’m a Chilean photographer. Litoral de los Poetas is a series of photographs that I started in 2017 and continues to this day. It travels to the coast of central Chile, which was home to the late, great, and enduring Chilean poets Vicente Huidobro and Pablo Neruda.
In an attempt to capture the grandeur and time of central Chile, I traveled from Mirasol through Santo Domingo.

The sea is everywhere
There is a time for everything, from one wave to another.
Its waves are my eyes, but there is the distance to death.
— Fragment to the Monument to the Sea Vicente Huidobro

Father and son set out to capture these special moments together. A flock of birds flying towards horizon, or a boat barely visible through the mist. The experiences they shared conveyed a profound, tranquil, and nostalgic feeling.

This series now has a deeper meaning as my father recently passed away. He rests in the exact same waters we traveled when we took these photos.

This was my inspiration for my artistic photographic work. Luigi Ghirri once said that you need to see the simple things in a completely different light.

These photos were captured by using the date and the time. In summer, these locations are often crowded with people. These photos show them in silence, contrary to popular belief. We started moving at 5 AM to reach the most idyllic locations.

Cold mornings were characterized by the presence of salt particles and water in the air. The fog created an atmosphere that allowed us to focus on the subjects and see the beauty in simplicity.

The photos are both poetic and pictorial and feel like stories or poems. They want to leave a mark, a legacy that highlights the basic principles of life and our connection with water.

The peaceful series is made up of a diffuse mirror of light, water, and time. A flock of birds, the coast edge layers, and the waves that lash slowly but continuously as the hours go by, day after day, are also included.

In memory Juan Alejandro Amaro Ulloa.