Pantone launched the Pantone SkinTone Validated Program, which is an extension of its validation program for colors. It is the first program to attempt to validate skin tones in print and displays.

This patent-pending technology program allows display, TV, mobile device, printer and printer manufacturers to test devices for “authentically reproducing skin tones”. Pantone’s current specifications determine the value of these tones.

Pantone, a wholly-owned subsidiary X-Rite says that SkinTone Validated leverages the existing Pantone SkinTone Guide, which it claims is the first scientifically based guide to matching and reproducing natural skin tones. According to the company, its guide is based upon thousands of measurements of human skin from different ethnicities and ages and lists 110 distinct and unique skin colors.

Pantone stated that the program was designed to assist technology companies in meeting the demand for equality and inclusion in their products.

The company asserts that the Pantone SkinTone Validated Program provides additional product trust in that each skin tone represents the authentic self of an individual, as nearly every generation demands.

“Technology companies can achieve Pantone SkinTone Validated status to help display and print technology companies appeal with consumers who appreciate products which realize authenticity in display of real-world colours and that accurately reflect the world’s skin tones as validated and certified by Pantone, the leading color authority in the world.

Pantone states that BenQ, a display manufacturer, is the first to partner up with Pantone in the SkinTone Validation Program. It has been Pantone Validated by Pantone for PMS Colors on selected DesignVue PD models and PhotoVue SW Models. Pantone SkinTone Validated For DesignVue PD3205U/PD2705U models. Pantone expects that displays from the PhotoVue SW range will soon be available.

Conway Lee, President, BenQ Corporation, said that Pantone SkinTone Validated is an extension to Pantone Validated. It provides photographers and designers with products that are authentic in displaying real-world colours and accurately representing the world’s skin tones. “BenQ is proud to be a part of the global community color professionals that trust the Pantone system for accurate colors and has forged AQCOLOR Technology.