Are these the only family car competitors that are still viable?

Why are we running it: To find out if third-generation Qashqai is still the most popular SUV.

The Nissan Qashqai: A way of life

Are you looking for Eco, Normal, or Sport? We determine the best configuration for your crossover.

Sport mode is available on the Nissan Qashqai. It’s a surprise to me, as the Qashqai doesn’t seem sporty. This is not a criticism. The Qashqai excels at what it does. It is practical, durable, and sensible. Sport? Sport?

Many cars, even those not so sporty, now have a Sport mode. I think this is because Sport is a better term than Practical or Sensible. Sport suggests fun and performance. The problem with the Qashqai Sport mode is that I don’t know what it does.

Actually, I couldn’t tell the difference between the three modes (Sport, Normal, and Eco) that you can select using the D-Mode toggle. You can switch between them without affecting the acceleration or output of your car in any way. You won’t notice any increase in engine noise or flashy digital graphics when you select Sport. I don’t mind that, but it’s not something I complain about.

This could be due to the fact that our Qashqai manual is less capable of changing timing gearchanges. I’m not certain.

It does seem to get marginally better economy with Eco, although it’s not significant, so I use it for all my journeys. This is the reason why the drive select defaults back to Normal when you turn the engine off.

I don’t mind the differences in driving modes. It’s not very sporty to drive the Qashqai, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to have a more aggressive Sport mode. It’s much more gentle than that, which is great.

Recent motorway journeys have been quite long. Given the current petrol price, I want to be as efficient and economical as possible. With a little practice, I am able to get an MPG of around 40, but sometimes – and on the right roads – I have exceeded that.

The Qashqai’s Trip Computer logs all of your journeys and displays the best ones. My recent trip, which involved driving steadily on A-roads, resulted in a new record of 50.8 mpg. The Qashqai, who was much like an arcade machine, asked me whether I would like to save my high score at the end of the trip.

Yes, it is. Thank you so much for saving my score. This means that I can set a new efficiency goal every time I turn on my Qashqai. Sport mode is another reason I don’t care that much.

Love It:

Safety shield The Qashqai’s abilities to monitor blindspots and alert speed cameras are admirable, but…

Love it:

Pingdemic…this can cause the car to make a lot of pinging sounds when it’s driving.

Mileage: 7644

It’s not so easy for the eyes

A few long dark journeys have led to a slight quirk. A button on the central touchscreen can be used to change between day and night mode. This helps to reduce glare. The digital display does not have a dimming function. While I can see the importance of key information being clear, sometimes the glow can be distracting.

Mileage: 6157

The Nissan Qashqai: A way of life

Is there any off-road DNA in our car? To find out, we take our car to Jurassic X Prix.

Extreme E was created to be held in remote, isolated and difficult locations. A trip to the 2021 season’s finale in late last year was also a great opportunity to test the Nissan Qashqai on the terrain it was built for.

I did not drive through the deserts in Saudi Arabia, the shifting sand dunes of Senegal, or the Greenland fjords. I instead braved the wilds… of the M27, Poole town centre. Extreme? Extreme?

Ok, so driving to Dorset to take part in the Jurassic X Prix was not the most difficult of automotive tests. Motorway runs, urban hops, and occasional B-road jaunts are all driving conditions the Qashqai was created to handle. This creates a new category for cars that looks like an off-roader, but is intended for pure on-road use.

The electric Spark Odyssey buggy that Extreme E used is a full-circle, weird-looking vehicle. The Extreme E cars conquered the mud while the Qashqai was able to navigate a moderate gravel trail to the media parking lot.

It’s not that I am blaming Nissan for its lack of off-road gear. The Qashqai was designed to be a practical and comfortable family vehicle. The Qashqai’s visibility is excellent for maneuvering tight spaces such as hotels on steep slopes. It can carry walking boots or warm clothes, and has plenty of storage space. The interior is also hard wearing, so it’s easy to clean up if there is a little mud. The Qashqai’s extensive driver assistance system really helps when driving on sometimes dangerous motorways.

Even my minor annoyances about the car are understandable in the context of the mission statement.

My main complaint about the mild-hybrid engine of 1.2-litres is its lackluster character and responsiveness. However, it’s difficult to criticize the engine as it’s quiet, refined at all speeds and cruises comfortably on motorways once it gets up to speed.

It may have been exacerbated by our decision to use the six-speed manual transmission. Five gears would probably have sufficed given the engine’s power but we believe the engine’s nature would be more suited for an automatic. We love a manual, at Autocar, but for a practical SUV, we prefer the less intrusive and more easy-going option.

Because the Qashqai’s philosophy is easy-going, Given the capabilities of modern cars, I believe it would be able to handle the Senegal sand dunes better than you might think. Let’s face the truth, it wouldn’t be something you would want to do. Extreme? Maybe not. But the Qashqai excels at what it was designed to do.

Love It:

Motorway Cruising along The adaptive cruise control works great and makes motorway cruising very easy.

Love it:

Do you want to stop the car? Do not start. I have had to stop the car because of an occasional problem with the engine-off system. It could be driver error or the car, but I think it is more likely.

Mileage: 5476


The two-piece Qashqai boot floor is a great innovation. You can lift the two panels to access a storage area, or turn them sideways to position two storage slots. These are great for bringing my shopping home safely without it flying around the boot.

Mileage: 5213

Consistency in is crucial

It is extremely easy to drive the Qashqai in tight spots such as parking lots. The excellent Safety Shield sensors and the all-round reversing camera display make it easy to drive in tight spaces like car parks. I am not happy with one thing: while our Qashqai is beautiful, the (computer-generated), overhead camera view is bland.

Mileage: 4984

The Nissan Qashqai: A way of life

Not at all annoying

BEEP BEEP. The Qashqai’s powered bootlid can be very useful. BEEP BEEP. To prevent anyone getting hit, the boot emits a loud BEEP BEEP whenever it is opened or closed. Yes. BEEP BEEP. Every single time you BEEP. It is useful in preventing accidental bootlid strikes but it can get very annoying. BEEP BEEP.

Mileage: 3897

Welcome to the Qashqai fleet

Although I don’t usually like to name cars, I decided to give our new Nissan Qashqai Ed. Like Sheeran. As you can see, the scruffy-haired singer and Nissan’s family SUV share a lot.

They are both Britain’s largest exports and have a tremendous global reputation. They have used similar strategies to achieve their success. Ed Sheeran took elements from several genres and made it into a new musical form. However, this was a music form that appeared fresh and mainstream. He also focused on mass-market success.

The Qashqai also took elements from four-wheel drive off-roaders (mostly high-riding positions and rugged styling cues), and adapted them into an automobile form that appeared quite new but was in fact mainstreamed and focused to reach mass-market motoring dominance. This is the same trick, but in two different forms: Make a mainstream product seem a little radical while still being popular. Continue reading below the advertisement

Now, Sheeran and Qashqai have to face a challenge. How do you keep your cool when you’re so successful and in the middle of the mainstream mass marketplace?

The Qashqai’s third generation is now entering its stadium tour phase. This puts pressure on the Qashqai to continue offering the best hits, while keeping it fresh.

It’s a completely new model but it looks very familiar. It’s partially because I’ve seen it on many roads just months after its launch, but it’s also recognisable as a Qashqai.

However, this doesn’t mean Nissan hasn’t made efforts to improve the exterior design. Place it next to an original Qashqai to see the remarkable improvements. The Qashqai’s sharp lines and creases keep it in line with the new Nissan Juke. They also give it an edge, but not enough to change the template. Although it isn’t as radical as Nissan Ariya EV’s, it’s still enough to keep the Qashqai from feeling too boring.

The exterior of the Qashqai, much like Ed Sheeran’s first single, has a lot more character than the interior. It is difficult to recall another car with such a stark contrast between a bold exterior and an utterly traditional interior. Return to the top

It’s not that the interior isn’t pleasant, comfortable, spacious, and well-designed. It is a little…plain. It’s a conventional, drab car with a finish that is fine, but not extraordinary. The Qashqai is a great family car. The Qashqai feels luxurious enough to give it a premium look, but not so lavish that you’d be afraid to let your kids run wild in the back. It will make you feel at home for any trip, but it won’t leave you with many exciting memories.

Qashqai starts at PS23,985 for the entry-level Visia trim. However, we have chosen to go with the Tekna at PS31,565 (Ed Qashqai’s stylish metallic blue paint with a black roof adds PS1145).

You get a comprehensive kit that will appeal to SUV buyers. It includes a 12.3in touchscreen, head-up display and extra USB ports. There are also 19-inch tyres, additional driver assistance sensors, and a host of other features. The electric boot door is available and the large luggage area features floor panels that are very useful.

It offers all you need in an elegant, functional package. The touchscreen system in the Qashqai feels different to the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s intuitive infotainment. However, it’s not glitchy or annoying, unlike the Golf’s. Return to the top

The Qashqai UK is currently offered with a 1.3-litre petrol engine and two power outputs. A full hybrid option will be available soon, and Nissan has dropped all diesel powertrains. We chose the more powerful version with 156bhp and the six-speed manual gearbox instead of the CVT.

Autocar’s thorough road test revealed that the Qashqai’s powertrain was the most problematic part of the car. The engine and gearbox were not well-matched. This is consistent with my experience thus far. However, once the Qashqai is up to speed it’s generally smooth and serene, which I find pleasant.

It is not a dynamic driver, but you wouldn’t know it to be. The Qashqai has been able to provide a comfortable and easy driving experience, no matter how short the trip is. Like an Ed Sheeran album. Even those who want something more sophisticated would need to appreciate how easy it is to live with the Qashqai.

The Qashqai will be a family vehicle that is amiable and comfortable in the coming months, I think. We want to find out if the Qashqai has hidden depths or character, or if it is as forgettable and inoffensive than any Ed Sheeran album.

Second opinion Illya Verpraet

What kind of excitement would you like from your SUV family? Buggy multimedia systems and sloppy ergonomics are a problem in many cars. The Qashqai is free from all that. I find it refreshing to be able to listen to Ed Sheeran without interruption, even though I enjoy a little jazzy improv.