Nothing is more important in astrophotography than taking vivid images of the Milky Way, constellations, stars and other celestial objects. This is what attracts us to this area of photography. We capture the details of our universe using our cameras in a way that our eyes can only dream of. A filter that can be used at any time of year is now available. It was designed to magnify constellations and make stars seem larger. This filter is called the NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography Fillter. I was able to take it deep into Arizona and Utah to see how it works.

Key Features The Astrophotography Filter

Let’s start by discussing the specifications, features, and details of the NiSi astrophotography filters.

  • The filter is designed to be used as a Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter. The top 1/3 of the filter has the full star soft effect, while the bottom 1/3 is transparent. If you shoot your foreground at night using multiple exposures or photo stacking, this allows the foreground not to be affected.
  • NiSi claims that there is no loss of light with its astrophotography filter. It also offers a neutral tone without any added color cast.
  • You can choose from two sizes: 100x150mm or 150x170mm.
  • It can be used with any NiSi filter holder with a width of 100mm or 150mm and a thickness of at least 2mm.

The NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filter looks intriguing and very valuable on paper. However, I was a bit skeptical about how much it would make in the field. Although I am well-acquainted with NiSi’s reputation for producing top-of the-line, compact and durable filters, until I tried this filter under the stars I was skeptical.

Out Of the Box

Although first impressions aren’t necessarily indicative of performance, NiSi impressed immediately. It is light, but strong and durable. The filter is made from high-quality glass that can withstand drops on the field. The bag comes with a sleek, brown, leather, magnetic snap-locking case. It is as luxurious as the filter.

I was able to pair the NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filters with my NiSi V6 filter holders. NiSi filter holders have a simple design but are very reliable when it comes to holding and adjusting filters. You can adjust the filter’s effect by turning the knobs on the sides.

In The Field

Let’s now ask the most important question: Does NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filter live up to its hype? Is it capable of creating brighter and larger stars, galaxies and constellations? Yes. This lens can take your astrophotography up a notch.

Below are two images. Both images were taken on the same night and in the same conditions. The NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filter was used in the second image. This filter clearly shows brighter, more defined and bolder stars. It was quite surprising to see how well the filter worked without affecting the background. The filter did not reduce light and the colors looked natural and beautiful.



What was the most remarkable part of this field experiment? Both images were taken outside the Milky Way season and under a full moon. Still, the NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filter performed admirably. The filter made a significant difference in comparison to using it without. This filter shined even in poor astrophotography conditions.


The NiSi Star Soft Astrophotography filter lived up to its lofty standards after being tested in Arizona and Utah. This filter can be a great tool for astrophotographers. Your stars, galaxies, and constellations will appear brighter. But, your compositions will also be dynamic.

The entire NiSi filter and filter holder family is worth considering if you are looking to replace your filter system. They are unsurpassed in quality and endurance. They are perfect for photographers who travel or just want to lose weight.