This brand’s first open-top supercar since the MC12 will be a mid-engined roadster.

Maserati will unveil a convertible version next week of its flagship MC20 sportscar and has confirmed that it will be called Cielo.

Maserati claims that the new supercar’s name is inspired by the Italian word for sky. This “highlights” the fact that the model is designed to provide driving pleasure outdoors.

The prototype was featured in an official photoshoot last year to mark the start of road testing.

The bold new look livery featured a cloud-like design. Maserati stated that “it is a convertible”. This will be Maserati’s first convertible since GranCabrio bowed out, and the first midengined roadster since the end of production of the MC12 supercar.

Although there are no photos of the rear, the silhouette of the prototype suggests that it will have a folding hardtop, not a fabric item, similar to the Ferrari F8 Spider.

It will be stylistically and technically identical to the coupe. It will be powered by a 621bhp twin-turbo V6 mid-mounted and revved to 7500rpm. It will accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds. The coupe’s top speed of 203 mph should be nearly equaled by the convertible.

The MC20 will gain weight slightly if it has a folding hard top. The Ferrari F8 Spider, a similar concept, weighs 70 kg more than its coupe sibling.

Pricing is a concern. The convertible will likely be slightly more expensive than the coupe at PS187,230.