Advanced Mobile Video Recording has shared the first RAW footage shot on a smartphone with an open-source camera app.

AMVR has elevated mobile video recording to a new level for Android users. MotionCam’s latest update allows users to shoot 10-bit CinemaDNG RAW video with an Android phone. AMVR points out that the app is still under development, and that only a handful of devices are able to capture RAW video. However, those that do show significant improvements in video quality due to RAW capture.

AMVR captured RAW10 footage using modded LG V35 Signature edition and LG V40 smartphones. You will need an Android device with high performance and plenty of storage to record this quality video. RAW video is a different format from standard video which records clips at a slow frame rate. Instead of recording one file, it records multiple images at high frame rates that are then combined in software or edited into a single video.

Because every frame contains the entire RGB data, full-color information and dynamic range, cinematic footage is possible, this makes the quality jump easily. You can edit the video in apps that support CinemaDNG Raw files.

DIY Photography reported that Patrick Levar, a mobile filmmaker, also tried the app. Motion Cam was used by Levar on a Samsung Note 8 to capture the footage. He was impressed with the quality.

While smartphone camera quality is steadily improving, it often falls short of what can be achieved with dedicated cameras with larger sensors or better optics. The quality and detail of footage is improving with the recent additions of RAW capability to a variety of devices, as well as ProResHQ on Apple iPhones.

Android will finally get an update beyond what’s possible on the iPhone. RAW video allows filmmakers to capture the most detail possible in a scene and maximizes a sensor’s dynamic range. RAW video is a leap and bounds superior to what you would expect from a smartphone. This is especially true when the original images were taken on older LG smartphones. These older phones are not considered to have particularly good cameras.