Kodak Alaris announced the Kodak Professional Tri-X 400TX single use camera. It comes preloaded with 27 exposures from Kodak’s most popular black and white film stock stocks.

Kodak Alaris, a British manufacturer and retailer of photographic supplies, is based in the UK. It sells everything from software and hardware for digital imaging to kiosks and retail printing. It is actually co-owner with Eastman Kodak Company of Kodak brand. The Eastman Kodak Company is based in New York. Kodak Moments is a branding that offers photo products and services for consumers, retailers, and entertainment properties.

kodak 400tx disposable camera, front

Many brands, from Ilford to Fujifilm, are releasing new disposable cameras in recent months. Kodak Alaris makes a variety of disposable and film cameras. These include a standard, outdoor-focused, fun, waterproof, and a “fun” model.

The company’s latest addition is the 400TX single use camera. It claims that the 400TX allows for the development of black and/or white film in a traditional way, either at home or at a lab that provides a dedicated black-and-white service.

The camera comes with a double aspheric lens, a flash that automatically recharges, and 27 exposures of Kodak’s classic grain structure film. Kodak claims that the fine grain produces high-quality images. The wide exposure range is ideal for creating rich tonality. This can be maintained with both overexposed or underexposed photos.

Kodak Professional Tri-X 320 Films and 400 Films are high speed panchromatic film that can be used to photograph dimly lit subjects and fast action. They are also a great choice for subjects that need good depth of field, fast shutter speeds and extended distances for flash photos.

400 ISO film, the lens is fixed 30mm f/10 fully-plastic optic and the shutter speed is fixed at 1/125 seconds. The camera is able to focus from 3.3 feet to infinity and weighs in at 138 grams. It can also be powered by one AA battery and can be switched on or off with a simple touch switch.

kodak tx400 box

Kodak Alaris doesn’t say how much the camera will cost. However, it tells PETaPixel the company does not set prices for its products. These are determined by retailers and dealers around the world, so prices can vary based on where they are located.