JOBY grips, mounts, lights, stands and cases have been created with the user in view. JOBY has announced new products including the JOBY Spin and JOBY Swing, Wave Audio and Charge and Connect Accessories to support smartphone content creators.

JOBY is a popular brand among customers who value both innovation and functionality. Creators are constantly looking for new ways to capture images on smartphones. JOBY meets these demands by offering solutions that look like larger, more expensive gear but at a fraction the cost and size. Let’s take a look at some new JOBY products.

Swing and Spin


The JOBY Spin gives smartphone creators 360deg motion controls, which allow them to create moving time-lapses, videos and panoramic stills. These movements are great for videographers who want to add visual interest to their footage. It’s basically a motorized tripodhead that can be used with all JOBY tripods. You even get a bubble level!

It is very easy to set up and use. Install the app (iOS/Android), attach the Spin to the tripod, and then attach the phone. Your phone can be positioned horizontally or vertically (Stories or Reels), or both (YouTube or Vlogging). The Spin works with most phone mounts. JOBY recommends that you use it with the Grip Tight Pro mounting, which is part of the Swing Complete Kit.

JOBY Swing Complete kit, Red/Gray/Black

Once you have opened the app, connect your smartphone to the Spin via Bluetooth. Swipe across your screen to adjust the capture length, change points and set when the phone should rotate. Before you record your shot, you can preview it. You can also adjust the speed depending on what type of content is being shot. You can save your photos to your phone and edit them or upload them to social media. Or you can keep them for editing in the software that suits your needs.

You can connect two Spins with the Pan Tilt Bracket. The tripod holds the first spin, while the second is attached to the bracket at the opposite end. Your setup becomes an electric 2-axis gimbal. You can take pan shots and rotate the camera without needing to replace any other parts. This makes it a great choice for astrophotography and time-lapses.

JOBY Swing

The JOBY SWINGallows smartphone owners to create many shots using a simple motorized slider that allows them to move the camera horizontally (from left/right or backward/forward). These movements are almost impossible to do manually. The JOBY motion app can also control the Swing, just like the Spin. Similar functionality and UI will be found, but you cannot shoot in video or timelapse.

It is also very easy to set-up the Swing. It can be connected to your tripod, your phone mount and ballhead. Finally, your phone will be placed in either a horizontal or vertical position. To help with framing, a bubble level can also be found here. To ensure stability, make sure that the tripod legs are a little higher than the Swing. Otherwise your phone will swing out over them.

Swing was created to be used in conjunction with the Ballhead 1K or Grip Type 1 phone mounts. These are both included in the Swing Phone Mount Kit. The GorillaPod 3K Stand is included in the Swing Complete Kit. This will allow you to take your videos to the next step. You can also pair the Swing with many larger, full-range tripods from JOBY.

JOBY Swing Mount Kit, Red/Gray/Black

Charge and Connect

JOBY will also be releasing new accessories that will enhance your charging experience and connect to your device wherever you are. All accessories are braided and MFI certified. They can also power PD cameras like Sony, Canon, and Fuji. You need to select the right cables, chargers and hubs for you. When you need to charge, connect external monitors or access a hard disk, a portable hub is a must-have tool.

JOBY Connect Accessories and Charges:

  • USB-C 20W Travel Wall Charger
  • 42W Dual Output Travel Charger, USB C and USB A ports
  • 12W UK Wall Charger. USB-A
  • Charge and Sync Lightning Cable, 1.2m Colors: Black/White, Space Grey, Silver
  • Charge and Sync Lightning Cable XL – 3M, Aluminum Shell
  • USB C Lightning Cable – 2m, Space Grey
  • Charge and Sync Cable 3-in-1 1.2m Space Grey (Micro USB. Lightning & USB.C)
  • Cable USB-A to USB 1.2m, White
  • Cable USB-C to USB-2m, White
  • 4-in-1 USB C Hub, 2 USB 3.0 and 4K Video, USB Charge, Grey
  • Space Grey USB-C to USB A 3.0 Adapter

Wavo Audio

Joby will also be releasing three microphones that can adapt to any situation. Wavo Audio’s range of gear will allow you to sound crystal clear for everything, from podcasting to streaming and voice-over.

Wavo Air

The Wavo Air wireless microphone system is designed for users of mirrorless cameras and mobile phones. It produces broadcast-quality sound. The clip-on transmitter can be attached to a shirt with a microphone. If you prefer to keep the receiver in your pocket or attach it to your jeans, there is a LAV microphone built into the transmitter. You also get a cold-shoe mount and a magnetic pendant.

The Wavo AIR Kit includes two wireless transmitters as well as two lavalier mics. This makes it ideal for podcasting, interviews, and live streaming. Mounting options are limitless with JOBY accessories. The transmitter and receiver can be placed almost anywhere.

JOBY Wavo Air Omnidirectional Wireless Lavalier Kit, Black/Red for Expert Content Creators

Wavo Lav PRO

The Lav PRO is a high-quality lapel mic with a PRO-grade capsule. For those times when the mic is not needed or desired, its smaller dimensions allow it to be concealed under a shirt or collar. The extra-long cable also allows for routing and slack.

The microphone is closer to your mouth so the capsule can capture broadcast-quality sound. This is ideal for interviews. The Wavo LAV PRO is for filmmakers, creators, and documentary photographers who need to keep their gear light.

JOBY Wavo Lav Pro Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone in Black


The Wavo POD microphone is a well-known design that is great for both podcasting and live streaming. You don’t need an interface to connect the large-diaphragm USB Condenser microphone. Both the cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns record your voice at 24bit/48kHz. This microphone has a metal and red pop filter. It is supported by a weighted, circular base that ensures stability when it is placed on your desktop.

It has a 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter that can be attached to GorillaPods and boom arms. The front has a 3.5mm headset jack that allows for zero-latency monitoring, volume and gain control, and low latency monitoring. This mic is also a great choice for creators, as they can attach additional JOBY arms to their phone and mount it on a tripod.

JOBY Wavo Multi-Pattern Large Diphragm USB Studio Condenser Microphone Black/Red

Wrapping up

This entire product announcement was a huge success for JOBY. JOBY continues to create a legacy that shapes the future of content creation. Their website states, “Because the world is what it makes of it, and we can all make it better together — one post, video, or story at a.m. Have fun. Create.”