Chris Parker, professional photographer and YouTuber, demonstrates how to quickly take an underexposed photo and then edit it professionally using masks in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. He even adds special effects such as turning on the lights to create a ambiance. All this is done with a smartphone.

Lightroom Mobile is Amazingly Powerful

Lightroom Mobile is now quite powerful, it might surprise you. Lightroom Mobile is a powerful alternative to the desktop application. It allows photographers to do heavy-duty editing from their smartphones or tablets.

This tutorial will show you how to adjust the exposure of your image. You can also make adjustments to the whites, highlights, shadows and whites. He then moves on to the effects category, increasing the texture and clarity. Finally, he makes some color adjustments to shift the hue of the yellow and green channels. After the global adjustments have been made, you can start to make the targeted edits with the masking tool.

How to use Masks in Lightroom Mobile

Creating a new mask to target the sky

Lightroom will begin by selecting the sky and create a mask. It is possible to adjust the sky only from this point. Parker darkens it by one stop in his example.

Next, grab the foreground and use the brush tool to select the area of the image. After he has selected the foreground, he makes adjustments to brighten the shadows and increases the sharpening and texture to make it stand out more.

Parker then adds another mask to the sheep using the “Select subject” tool. Lightroom Mobile automatically analyzes and selects the sheep and does a great job masking them. Only a few areas have to be removed (the fencing in background). Parker selects the sheep and makes adjustments to make them more visible. Then he compares the result with the raw image with the quick edits made in the video, which is quite dramatic.

Masking foreground to target the edit

Parker will make some color tone adjustments and then turn on the lights in the window at the back of the image. Parker uses the brush tool to manually paint the areas he wants to see the mask on and around the windows. He then adjusts the light and color settings to give the image a warm glow from the windows.

The masking of the window with a brush… to turn on the lights

It is quite dramatic to see the difference between the raw and final image. This is especially true when you consider that all of the selective masking edits were done with a smartphone in just a few seconds.

Original RAW image
Before/Unretouched Image
After editing with Lightroom Mobile
Final image after editing with Lightroom Mobile