Destination wedding videography is a great job for filmmakers who enjoy sharing wedding stories and traveling around the world. You don’t just travel, you also get paid to do so. You often get to the most beautiful, scenic places in the world.

This travel-and-film dream job sounds too good to be true. Or so far out of reach that you don’t even consider it. It’s possible to do destination wedding videography with hard work. One creative husband-wife duo, Veiled In Motion, has made this dream a reality.

Mark DerHovanessian and Valery DerHovanessian are the creators of Veiled in Motion. They travel around the globe to capture stunning wedding videos. This Iceland adventure wedding is a great example. You might also like this Haleakala National Park elopement. For all the hygge, don’t miss this Vermont snowy wedding.

The DerHovanessian crew was based in Boston and didn’t just start filming amazing Icelandic ceremonies one day. This dream job was possible because they worked hard for years.

Valery DerHovanessian was our guest and we chatted to her about their story. We also got some tips from her on how to make the jump into destination wedding videography.

How to Get Started in Wedding Videography

In college, the DerHovanessians tried their hand at wedding videography. They studied film and video production. Valery was the first to work for a small company and wedding video production firm.

Valery said that this is how they met. “We were both video editors in the wedding department. We shared the same office and edited wedding videos together.”

They met, began dating, left their jobs and combined their passions and talents to start a career in wedding videography.

Breaking into Destination Wedding Videography

The desire to start a destination wedding videography company was rooted in their love of travel. Valery stated, “We have always loved travel so we knew that we would incorporate that into the business.” “Our first year of business saw us film two Iceland destination elopements. We booked another elopement in Hawai’i the next year and four additional weddings in Iceland.

This dream became a reality as more people heard about Veiled In Motion. Valery stated that eight weddings have been filmed in Iceland and more are planned for the future. “We are also excited to film a wedding in Arizona in the middle of desert this year.”

Valery offers some advice for people who are interested in a similar career. She said that experience is the key to success. Filming live events, even if you have a strong film background, is quite a different experience.

She suggests that you try it yourself. It’s a good idea to ask a friend or family member if they can film the wedding to build your portfolio. Your work will be more sought after if it is of high quality.

Tips to Create a Beautiful Destination Wedding Videography Shot

Every wedding day has its own set of challenges. Destination wedding videography can be even more stressful when you add in the unpredictable nature of travel.

Valery said that the hardest part of traveling to a destination wedding is actually the actual act. “Having all your gear, and making sure you get there on time is the most difficult part of traveling.

Many travel mishaps have been experienced by the DerHovanessians. Valery stated that a flight to Iceland was booked once during a Nor’easter in Boston. It was almost like a guessing game as to whether our flight would be cancelled. I can vividly recall panicking and calling the airline to cancel our flight. Fortunately, we were able change our flight the next day without any effect on the wedding. It is important to plan for delays in travel, especially when you are planning for international weddings.

The bottom line: Be prepared for anything, especially when it comes to travel and the unpredictable nature of pandemics.

Destination Elopement Videography

Valery has noticed one trend in the world destination weddings. If this is a job that interests you, consider marketing your destination elopements.

She said that the pandemic had encouraged couples to abandon traditional wedding plans and to get married in cool locations with only the two of them, or close family members.

Packing Your Gear for Destination Wedding Videography

It can be difficult enough to pack for your personal trip. Your wedding-video gear is another thing that can make your suitcase a full load. Valery shared her top tips for packing your destination wedding videography gear with us. What is the most important tip? Be light.

She advised that she check with the airline to find out their carry-on policy. We try to travel as light as possible with our equipment for destination weddings. Everything we need to film the wedding goes on board.

It’s a Business First

Valery’s final piece of advice to aspiring destination wedding videographers was to know your worth. Do not let the glamour of travel distract from your long-term career goals.

She said, “Don’t underestimate your work because you want to travel to specific destinations.” The more you stand up for yourself, and show your worth, the better you will be for a long, passion-filled career.

Destination Wedding Videography Gear

Veiled in Motion is the best destination for wedding videography gear.

  • Panasonic GH5
  • Panasonic GH5s
  • Zhiyun Zeebil Gimbal
  • Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm
  • Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 35-100mm
  • Voigtlander Nokton 25mm