The $26,000 35-pound Sigma 200-500mm F/2.8 camera lens has probably the most humorous customer reviews and images.

Here are some examples:

Amazon has a great deal. The sigma zoom lens was something I had been searching for, and I found it. It was $38,000 and I knew I had it. Then I discovered that it was only $24,000 on sale. Oh joy! Two of them were ordered. Two 100-pound lenses were purchased for 20 grand. They fit perfectly on my $50 Pentax SLR.

This lens was used to photograph birds at Yosemite. However, the park ranger called SWAT because he believed I was trying too hard to kill the wildlife. End of the trip.

Four cop cars pulled down on me as I tried to take a photo of the crowd for my art director. They thought I was trying fire at pedestrians. Ended the shooting session.

Because I had locked myself out, I was finally able to use the lens to open the front door of my house. Although it was able to open the door, unfortunately the lens got damaged. It was a good thing I bought two.

This is a great deal at $24K, as you save $10K on your purchase if you don’t want to pay more for a zoom lens telephoto than a zoom camera point and shoot. Did I mention that this item comes with free shipping?

Unfortunately, I cannot keep this lens in my home because it is too scary for my pets and children. This lens is my favorite.

It’s worth it…

While some may think this lens is too expensive, many people forget the other things they have that they could sell to buy this lens. Because I realized that my vehicle was only used for a few hours a day, I sold it immediately. Although it was disappointing that I had to even consider selling my car to get this camera attachment, to make it more reasonable I did drop my children off at school and use the vehicle to commute to work everyday. After I sold it, however, I realized I needed to raise $21,000 more.

My landlord denied that I was legally allowed to sell my apartment. Jim, it’s okay. I learned from past experiences not to break down bridges and stopped holding open houses. I would also have to pay the court and lawyer fees, which would make it difficult for me to purchase Amazon. How was I going to find $21,000? I was then able to see the lightbulb of Sigma in my head.

My two children were sold to the Pesticide & Insecticide Testing Corporation. It was a good decision. They explained to me that my children (now theirs) would always have enough food, exercise daily, and have a doctor available 24/7. I finally was able to purchase the house of my dreams with the money I had made from this simple sale and the cash my wife received from her work on the prestigious corner at Main Street and Almond Street.

Even though I had extra money, I decided to purchase my first digital camera. This green monster looks amazing on my Canon Rebel XSi. Thank you Sigma

From Here, The “Big Bang Looks Amazing

This lens was purchased with the intention of looking back in space-time to witness the Big Bang unfold. It was difficult to locate the right line of visibility in the Hubble Deep Field. But, after some precision adjustments, I was finally able to see the origins of the universe. It’s truly amazing!

It’s not my intention to spoil the surprise, but it is possible to see God while he’s building the fundamental forces of physics. Teaser: He is NOT a white man with a beard.

Pro fotog

It is an excellent lens. It’s been with me for two weeks. I use it mainly in macro mode for my search for Higgs boson. When I’m not working on subatomic particle work, it is used for weddings. One of my clients was getting married in a distant location. Sigma was a great choice. This lens does have its limitations, but we all know them. You are actually focusing your attention on events that could have happened years ago. Low CA and a flat field allow me to live with these drawbacks.

One thing to note: My copy FF is a bit slower when I am within the earth-moon circle. Also, my rebel xt doesn’t have an AF micro adjust. Sigma was able to adjust the lens and it came back perfect. Despite all the hassle, it was a great upgrade to my kit lens.