An eco-hotel can help you live sustainably and still enjoy the thrill of travelling. With dream destinations such as the Maldives now easing their travel restrictions it is a great time to visit.

As more businesses strive to be environmentally friendly, the number of resorts and hotels that claim to be green has increased dramatically in recent years.

There are many options available, whether you’re looking for a eco-hotel with a simple approach that helps you connect with nature or a luxurious resort with green credentials.

With sustainable travel growing in popularity, Good Trip Marketplace will make it easier to find the perfect vacation spot.

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If you are thinking about booking a sustainable vacation this year, you can find the best places to go.

7. Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

The Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is one of the two city-based sustainable hotels that are ranked in the top 10. It overlooks Manhattan’s skyscrapers and the East River.

Local artists designed the hotel using recycled materials. The building also features energy-efficient heating and LED lighting, as well as rainwater reclamation.

You don’t have to give up on the little things in life.

You don’t have to give up on the little things in life.

6. Bambu Indah, Bali, Indonesia

The Bambu Indah, a boutique hotel in Bali, was designed by John and Cynthia Hardy. It is composed of unique bamboo structures. The Bambu Indah in Bali offers a responsible lifestyle combined with modern luxury. It has a natural green swimming area surrounded by volcanic rocks and a rope swing for the more adventurous.

You’ll feel at home in the lush forest and the massage pods available on-site, and you’ll be ready to relax.

5. Soneva Kiri, Ko Kood, Thailand

Soneva Kiri is one of the most beautiful resorts in Thailand. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a lush tropical rainforest and close to the best beaches of Thailand. But you will be far away from any tourist traps.

Luxury jungle lodges are available for guests to stay. They can also explore the grounds which include an organic garden that allows chefs to grow fruits and vegetables for their restaurants.

You can even find a chocolate shop and an ice cream parlour right on the premises, so you can indulge in your sweet tooth while enjoying the views from your balcony.

4. Andaz Maui at Wailea (Hawaii, USA)

The Excellence in Sustainability Award was given to this relatively new resort in 2018. The builders used 93 percent of the original walls, floors, and roofs and replaced them with low-emission materials.

There are 200 rooms available and seven luxury villas. There are many activities for you to enjoy here. All rooms overlook the crystal clear waters of Mokapu Beach.

3. Soneva Fushi, Eydhafushi, Maldives

It’s hard to find something more luxurious than being on a deserted island. Soneva Fushi is able to offer this experience to its guests. The resort boasts 63 luxurious villas on the beachfront and the first ever fine dining zipline experience.

The resort boasts the first ever fine dining zipline experience.

You can zipline to a restaurant. You will travel 200 metres through dense jungle to reach your treetop table 12 meters above the ground. From there, you will have a stunning view of the ocean.

You can also enjoy complimentary water sports and a variety of classes such as glass blowing or eco-friendly surfing.

2. Aria, Las Vegas USA

The Aria Las Vegas may be the right choice for you if you like bright lights and glamour to relaxing by the pool.

You can choose to stay at a luxury casino resort or go down to the casino to experience the best of Vegas.

The hotel’s food waste is either donated to those in need or sent to farms for animal feed. This is just one of many initiatives that ensure that the hotel’s environmental footprint remains low.

1. Azulik, Tulum, Mexico

The Azulik in Mexico is the first place with the most photos.

The villas of Azulik are located on Tulum’s island. They have stunning views of the jungle as well as the ocean.

This stunning resort, which was designed by Ariel & Co., is the ideal place to get away from the bustle and hustle of modern life.