A legendary name in the business goes “rogue” with an electric crossover

It was the idea that was the problem. Crossovers are the foundation of nearly every major car manufacturer’s profit-making base. If they fail to reduce their fleet emissions, these car manufacturers are in danger of being fined. An electric crossover is an intelligent product. Ford is the fourth-largest automobile manufacturer in the world. This means that an electric crossover is a sensible product to make. However, the active lower air intake is not as effective.

The Mustang name was used for the first EV branded by the brand. This caused controversy.

Although it has not, as some initially believed, replaced the Mustang’s eight-cylinder engine, it is going to trade on its legend. It is difficult to imagine a similar strategy by another car manufacturer, real or not. Maybe Porsche would call the forthcoming electric Macan the “911 E”? It is unlikely that this would be too popular.

The plan works with this Ford. The Mustang Mach-E has attracted a lot of attention, not only because of its impressive statistics on paper but also because it is stylish and well-placed. Ford has produced more Mustang Mach-Es at its Mexico plant than any of its ‘proper Mustangs’ in Michigan this year. It is not a significant market, but Ford may be able to reach its goal of four EVs per 10 cars by 2030.

We want to know what the Mach-E is really like, and not just its name. Ford can be proud that it has made an EV.

A quick look at the Mustang Mach-E lineup

The Mach-E line-up, as is the norm with premium EVs is divided by the size and number of motors. The AWD Extended Range model is the flagship of the lineup. It produces roughly the same power as a Mk3 Focus RS, and delivers it to ground via an electric motor at each axle.

The Extended Range Mach-E can be used in rear-drive only (as our test car). Along with their larger 99kWh battery pack, these models are capable of rapid charging at up to 150kW. Standard Range Mach-Es have a lower range, a smaller battery pack and a limited power output of 115kW.