Zuffenhausen is working on a 992.2 update to its sports car icon. A whole bunch of derivatives are also in development

Porsche is currently working on the next generation of 911 updates as the sports car’s flagship nears the end of its life cycle. At the same time, the company prepares to dramatically expand the existing line-up by adding a number of new variants.

Recent photos of a 911 Turbo prototype show that the new ‘992.2’ generation Porsche 911 will stand out from the existing car primarily through subtle styling changes, as is the case with 911 updates. The 911’s new exterior, new rear bumper, and additional radar sensors are some of the notable differences. Furthermore, the 911’s relative newness means that its switchgear, infotainment, and other features are much the same as those on newer models.

There are important new versions of this popular sports car, many of which have been tested in recent months.

911 4.0

The naturally aspirated 911, fan favourite and most beloved by fans, could soon make a grand comeback thanks to the free-breathing flat six engine that Porsche used in its 718 Cayman GTS4.0 and Porsche 718 Boxster GTS4.0 sports cars.

Porsche could try to maximize the return on its development of this engine prior to strict emission rules being implemented by fitting it into the 911. This could allow Porsche to revive the limited-run 911 R moniker, which was so popular in the previous generation.

911 GT3

This is the most extreme and track-focused Porsche car, and it’s back for another chance at the McLaren 765LT and Lamborghini Huracan STO.

The Porsche 911 GT3’s performance is enhanced by the new ‘Racing Sport” car. It will feature a massive swan-neck rear wings, a chunky diffuser, and additional intakes. The price will rise to PS131,530 for the standard GT3 model, with a subtle power increase and lightening measures.


Porsche has made it clear that it plans to electrify its 992-gen 911. It even detailed at launch how the car was designed from the beginning to accept a gearbox-integrated electrical motor as part of a mild or plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The manufacturer has remained silent about the model’s progress since then. It recently appeared to have entered the Nurburgring track testing phase. The 911 Hybrid is expected to match the Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-Hybrid plug-in for speed, with outputs of around 670bhp or 626lb ft.


Lamborghini has a rugged, jacked-up version of its Huracan. But it won’t alone in combining supercar speed with off-road ability. Porsche is also believed to be working on a similar version of the 911.

This 911 variant rides significantly higher than the standard car and is expected to be in (mostly limited) production. It pays tribute to the rally-ready 911s Porsche entered in some of the most extreme rally events in the world.


It was a highly collectible, retro-inspired Sport Classic 911 997-generation 911 that sold out within 48 hours of its debut in 2009. You could buy one of 250 of them today for around PS300,000.

Porsche will revive the concept for the current generation by using a 1970s-inspired ducktail spoiler, flares, as well as reimagining the original 911’s distinctive Fuchs alloys to appeal to a modern audience.