DxO announced updates to PhotoLab 6, FilmPack 6 and the Nik Collection apps and presets. All of these have workflow enhancements or improvements.

PhotoLab 5.1 will include a new User Interface and GPS coordinates directly from Google. FilmPack 6.1 has an improved workflow for time machine features. Nik Collection 4.3 adds 35 presets inspired by nature to allow users greater creative freedom with their images.

The updates also support the Chinese Language and new camera support, including Ricoh GRIIIx support, Fujifilm X-T30 II support, GFX 50S II support, and Canon EOS R3. PhotoLab 5.1 features a new UI and photo filter menu. This enhanced GPS coordinates system can be displayed directly on Google Maps.

Summer Preset - DXO Nik Collection 4.3

FilmPack 6’s “Time Machine” feature has been enhanced and offers a simpler user experience. Images can be applied to with just one click.

Update 4.3 Nik Collection brings an abundance of nature-themed presets into the application suite. Nik Color Efex now comes with a bundle of “The Seasons”, presets that give images a tone reflective of the seasons. “Winter” will add cooler tones to your image, while “Autumn”, warms it up by pushing green foilage towards red, orange and yellow.

According to the company, the “Tonal Landscapes” in Nik HDR Efex can be used to enhance spring foliage’s soft greens or the golden hour glow. Nik Analog Efex allows users to use the “Landscapes of Yesteryear” presets to give their images a retro and vintage feel. Silver Efex now has six new presets called “Dramatic Landscapes”, which can be used to increase haze reduction, intensify the skies, and add grain in highlights and shadows to give your images more depth.

Six Meta-presets were added to the presets above. These “blend together filters, settings from multiple Nik Collection plugs for quick application.” They are now available in Adobe Photoshop.

Nik Collection 4.3 can be downloaded on the company’s site for $99.99 and $59.99 for existing users to upgrade, until the end the month before it returns to its full price.

DxO PhotoLab 5.1.1 and FilmPack 6.1.1 are available for download at $54.99 to $219, depending on which version you purchased. For both new and old users, there are free trials and discounts on upgrades.