Cliff diving will blow your mind if you thought Olympic diving was amazing. Locals in Bosnia’s Mostar have been diving from the iconic Old Bridge (Stari Most), for hundreds of years.

In 1664, the first ever recorded jump from the bridge was made. Since 1968, the city hosts an annual diving competition. Mostar was added to the Red Bull World Cliff Diving Series Tour in 2015.

Although it is unlikely that it will be enforced today it was a right to leap from the bridge with local 16-year old boys. The idea was that any boy who didn’t make the jump would be considered a failure in his life.

What is cliff diving?

Cliff diving is one the oldest extreme sports. This combination combines diving, acrobatics and the adrenaline of jumping from great heights.


It is important to remember that Olympic divers can jump from boards up to 3-10 metres high.

Flowers are placed in the river before the jumping starts at the Mostar Diving Club’s annual competition to honor those who died defending the bridge during World War II.

Dean Treml/ Red Bull Content Pool

Juniors and adults are both welcome to participate and there are different types of jumps. Although the majority of competitors are local, it attracts others from surrounding Balkan countries. The winners get a medal as well as a trophy.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is a series of competitions that sees professional divers from all over the world compete at unique locations with the aim of winning a large prize pot.

Mostar was the third stop of the year’s tour. Divers must complete a series of dives in order to earn points.

You don’t have to be an elite diver, but you can still jump from the bridge for as little as EUR50.

A local dive shop can help you safely jump, and will also guide you on how to practice from a platform of 10 metres before jumping.

It’s not possible to expect any acrobatics, but it’s mostly just lots of screaming and falling.

If you aren’t scared by the danger and height, there is another thing to remember: the Neretva, which is the world’s coldest river, is the most pleasant summer temperature in Mostar at 21C. It can reach as high as 7C in the summer.

If you complete the jump, you become a member for life. This means you can return to jump again at no cost!

You will also be issued a certificate. Your name will be recorded in the records of every jumper since the reconstruction of the bridge.

More information about Mostar

Mostar, located in the southwest of the country, is the fifth largest city in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The city’s centre is lined by the river Neretva. This is where divers can jump.

Mostar is famous for its Stari Most, which literally means ‘Old Bridge’. It was built in 16th century. It stood for 427 year before being destroyed by the Croat-Bosniak War of 1993. It was rebuilt following the war, and reopened in July 2004.

Many of the bridge’s original pieces were found in the river. They now line the banks and serve as seating for people who want to see the divers.

It is located in Mostar’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can spend hours exploring and shopping in the cobbled streets.