The first flagship EV of M performance division is 811lb ft. It also features a new style tuning.

BMW’s new iX M60 electric car is the most powerful, delivering 611bhp with 811lb ft torque and 0-62mph in 3.9sec.

It is BMW’s latest electric flagship. Along with the new BMW i4 M50 it marks a significant milestone in M’s 50 year history.

The iX M60, priced at PS111,905, is available this summer. It was the third version of the BMW iX. The entry-level iX xDrive40 has 257 miles range, the xDrive50 offers up to 380, and this M60 has a range of 357 miles. However, the M60’s range is limited by its extra power, which makes it less worthy of the M badge.

It cuts 0.7 seconds off the xDrive50’s 0-62mph sprint speed and has a top speed at 155mph, which makes it stand out from its siblings.

The Tesla Model X rival and the Audi E-tron S feature an electric all-wheel-drive, an actuator-based function for wheel-slip limitation and M-tuned dual-axle suspension with automatic level control – all which, BMW claims, “ensure hallmark BMW driving experience, agility, and precision”.

The company has taken a new approach to its electric M cars, making them less distinctive than their regular siblings and looking for ways to make them stand out.

Johann Kistler is the iX project director. He said that there was not much difference between the M60 and the iX. Also, acceleration is not so different because all electric cars have great acceleration. We have to see things differently.

“But we want a top-end engine and so we made a slight differentiation. The M5 should look different to the five-cylinder [5Series] because it is more visible. But with BEVs, there has been a lot of differentiation starting with the sound.

It has a unique start-up sound, shutdown sound, and different sounds when driving. Displays have a different look and feel, and the wheels are a different colour to give the impression of a high-performance car.

The M60 uses an aluminium spaceframe and a carbon cage with carbonfibre-reinforced plastic in the roof, side and rear sections, first used on the 2003 BMW M3 CSL.

Exterior features include blue M-branded brake discs and M logos in gloss black and titanium bronze on the front, sides and rear.

It has the same curved display as other iX models. The device runs BMW’s eighth-generation iDrive OS and is focused on voice and touch functions. The controls, including the iDrive rotary control, are located in the forward section of a high mounted armrest.

The spacious interior is made from FSC-certified wood and leather tanned using olive leaf extract. Floor coverings and mats can be made from recycled fishing nets.

M60 customers get 22in alloy wheels, soft-close doors, laser lights and an advanced park assist package.

The M60 was built at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany alongside its iX siblings, as well as the 5, 6, 7, and 8 Series.

Q&A: Johann Kistler, BMW iX project director

How can you keep repeat customers with EVs?

“Electric cars were smaller vehicles with limited range and mobility restrictions 10 years ago, when we launched the i3. We will continue to improve electric range, offer electric vehicles in every size and demonstrate sportiness to convince M4, 6 and 8 owners that electric cars can be a good choice. To achieve this, you must provide a high-end powertrain. This is why we launched the iX M60.

Do You think it’s important that all BMW models include performance variants?

“As you all know, BMW will always have an M sportscar at the top of every model. The combustion engine is easier to understand: It’s common to have four-cylinders, then six, eight, and twelve for the M. The xDrive40 standard version can be used for electric driving and tax benefits. The xDrive50 is available for customers who want to drive longer distances without having to look for a charging station. The M60 has the potential to have more power, torque, and a faster top speed at 155mph. This is for customers who want to be exceptional.

“Yes, very. “Yes, very. We started with the i3, an urban concept. Then we wanted to show that electric cars could be made in a sports version. We wanted to demonstrate our expertise and show that electrified cars are possible in sports cars. This is a customer who wants to show that they have a unique car.