BMW acquired Alpina tuning company, 60 years after the Buchloe-based brand had produced its first uprated component in a BMW production model.

Since 1964, Alpina began applying factory warranties for cars that were equipped with Alpina parts. However, the two companies have been closely connected. Alpina has remained an autonomous entity up to now.

BMW acquired Alpina to give it rights to the brand and will be able to offer “even more diversity to its luxury car range”, so Alpina models may eventually join their BMW counterparts in showrooms.

Alpina will continue to operate as before, purchasing base-model BMW cars directly from the manufacturer and then modifying them at its Buchloe workshops.

Although the acquisition is subject to “various conditions”, it is said to “secure Alpina’s long-term future” because it won’t need to make inordinate investments to keep up with BMW’s technological and mechanical advances in the next years.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, BMW confirmed that it would not acquire any shares in Alpina. BMW acknowledged that Alpina’s standalone operations would be discontinued and promised to find the affected employees a new role within the BMW Group, or at a supplier or partner firm, before 2025.

Currently, there are approximately 300 people employed at the Buchloe site.

Pieter Nota, BMW’s sales manager, stated that the automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation to sustainable mobility. It is imperative that existing business models are reexamined regularly. Buchloe has been delivering top-quality car cachet for over 50 years by paying attention to every detail.

The BMW Group shares this passion for cars that capture imagination. We are embarking on a new chapter of our long-standing partnership. We will be able to influence the long-term direction of this brand, which is steeped in tradition, by acquiring the trademark rights.

Alpina models are a middle ground between full-fat BMW M performance cars and standard BMW cars in terms of speed and power. It produced 2000 cars last year for customers in Europe and Japan.