Bisambar, a brand new Austrian-based leather camera case company, is committed to sustainability and traditional craftsmanship. Bisambar claims its products will last a lifetime.

A focus on sustainability

Lukas, founder of Bisambar is a former professional photographer. He now manages the production and development of the straps. Because of his past experience, he understands what is most important to photographers when designing a strap. His partner Nadine, a chemical engineer, focuses on making the company sustainable and environmentally-conscious.

We are a young company that produces unique leather camera straps. PetaPixel says Lukas that they are committed to sustainable production and environmentally-friendly materials. We make our camera straps by hand in small batches using traditional manufacturing techniques in our Austrian workshop.

To avoid animal products, the duo first looked into alternative materials to leather. However, they found that leather alternatives were more harmful than beneficial.

Lukas states that the main goal of his company is to make products more environmentally conscious. “We researched many materials and found that vegetable tanned leather was the best.

Lukas claims that real leather can also be biodegradable.

He says that most vegan leather alternatives are made from plastic or rubbery substances, which is why they are not biodegradable. “Our leather is also extremely durable and cannot be matched by any other alternatives. This is a crucial aspect of sustainability. Only vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather is used. It is easy to maintain your camera strap for many decades by simply lubricating it.

Lukas states that Bisambar’s source of raw materials is also important. His company uses leather only from one small German tannery, which uses only hides that have been produced by the meat industry. This reduces waste and avoids unnecessary slaughter of animals.

Bisambar claims it will fix any damage to its products even after many years of use. This further reduces waste.

You can choose from a variety of customizable options

Bisambar has many strap options to suit different needs. The company sells three versions of three single-length straps in three colors. There are also two adjustable straps and a hand strap in the store. A few accessories, including a leather care package, are also available from the company. Bisambar can personalize the straps with names embossed in the leather because they are handmade.

We only use the best quality materials to ensure the longest possible life span. Lukas states that this is a way to set an example for people who don’t want to wear fast fashion, and instead look towards products that can be considered heirlooms.

You can view Bisambar’s entire product catalogue on its website.