Two-door range-topping gains and tech upgrades trick out to go hunting Astons

Brands that produce big, luxurious, and expensive combustion-engined luxury cars such as Bentley’s new Continental GT Speed are in trouble.

While long-standing government policies and related legislation will allow them continue to sell petrol-powered wares, public opinion and the buying behavior it influences is still a moving target. It will depend on the availability of zero-emission alternatives, so big-emitting luxury cars that are fuelled by fossil-fuelled petrol may not be able to be sold in key markets before the UK’s 2030 ban. The high-level brake lights are very discretely integrated and there is no roof aerial. This is all to make the car even prettier.

This helps to explain why the Speed version of the Bentley Continental GT is available just three years after the model’s third-generation life cycle. We didn’t see it in the previous generations until many years later. This GT Speed, while assuming that it was a factor in the development of this GT, has not made it a rush effort. The GT Speed uses chassis technologies never seen before on a production Bentley.

Even though it is slightly less powerful than the GT Supersports’ end-of-the line, it is lighter, has larger wheels and brakes, and features more specialised driveline tech. Bentley claims that it is only 0.1sec slower at rest than the GT Supersportss’ 62mph speed.

The new GT Speed is not positioned as a super-luxury Porsche GT-car competitor, but as the best two-door luxury GT. It is a car that makes no compromises on opulent comfort and refinement, but that elevates the GT’s performance, handling dynamism, and driver reward. Is that possible? You will be amazed.

A glance at the Continental GT lineup

The new GT Speed marks the end of the W12-engined GT. This keeps the two-door Continental derivative from expanding too much. Mulliner Edition cars build on the Continental’s luxurious ambience by using special design details, materials, and other features.

As you are probably aware, Bentley’s optional Specification packages (Mulliner Driving and Touring, Continental Blackline, etc.) have become the key de-facto trim levels. They are likely to impact your car’s residual values so it is worth getting some.