Audi’s all-encompassing electric futur

Audi plans to have a pure electric vehicle in every core segment by 2027. The indomitable Q5, A3 and Q4 will go electric. But what about the far-from core R8 and TT sports cars. Oliver Hoffmann, technical development boss, was asked if the two-seaters would get a battery-powered reprieve as they enter their last few months of sales.

He said, “The future will probably be entirely electric.” “We are planning to surprise you again, and we are currently working on sports car concepts which will likely be fully electric. “We will amaze and thrill you,” I can only say.

The new Audi-Porsche PPE platform will have both rear-wheel- and all-wheel drive drivestrains, and it places an emphasis on dynamics. It seems like a good base for EV versions.

Firm rivalry

Although it is easy to mistakenly interpret inter-manufacturer competition as animosity and sales charts, industry bosses can still learn a lot about each other.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, recently said to reporters that he has “not just a deep respect [Volkswagen Group CEO] Herbert Diess. I think he’s an inspiring leader and hats off what he’s trying to accomplish.”

Tavares stated that his 14-brand company uses Volkswagen to “benchmark many things” and said “time will tell us who was able execute his strategy.”