I’m a pro photographer. Do I want the iPhone 13 Pro? You better believe it. This is a major upgrade for photographers based on the presentation by Apple. It’s not as important for the general public unless they are serious about video and photography. They will likely stick with the iPhone 11 or 12 series.

The phones are almost identical in aesthetics to the iPhone 12 Pro models, with the exception of a smaller notch at the front and a redesign to the camera lenses. You can easily look at the new phones and assume that nothing has changed.

The new iPhone 13 will bring the expected upgrades, as most people know. Apple promises the iPhone 13 will offer faster performance and a longer-lasting battery. This year, they also have more storage options, including a much larger 128GB initial storage. Just a few years back, new iPhones had only 16GB.

These aren’t the only changes. These are three reasons why I’m excited about the iPhone 13

Cinematic Video

The iPhone 13 series’ most notable feature is the new iPhone video style. It comes in three levels: the $699 Mini, $799 iPhone 13 and the $1,099 iPhone 13 Pro Max. This removes the flat, “everything infocus all the time” look of iPhone video. It also features Portrait Mode-like adjustable focal, and the best thing is that you can adjust the focus both during capture as well as after the fact. This is a huge deal.

77mm Zoom

The Pro models have a Portrait lens that expands from 65mm on the 12 Pro to 77mm on the 13 Pro. This gives us a vastly improved throw. My go-to lens for the Sony A7III is the 24-70mm. This means that I now have the ultimate in zooms, all on one phone. Although an iPhone 12-77mm won’t be as sharp as the $2,100 Sony G master lenses, it is a great feature to have that focal range on my small walk-around camera.


Only the Pro models have the macro capability. Apple claims that macro can be shot in video mode, including slow motion and timelapses.

Should You Buy It

Do you really need to get rid of your iPhone 12 Pro Max? Yes, I believe so. It’s an easy decision. I will be requesting enhancements in video shooting, the longer telephoto length and the ability to take macro photos.

Although the iPhone 12 was reduced in price to $699, the Pro series models have been discontinued. If you own an older iPhone and need more advanced camera capabilities, the iPhone 13 Pro is the best choice.

Apple doesn’t force users to choose between Pro models anymore. The Pro Max used to have better camera performance than its predecessor, but this year, Apple has changed that. Apple has removed the option to choose between the Pro Max and Pro Max models due to their physical sizes.

The iPhone is what I use professionally to shoot my Photowalks series of travel photography.

Another cool feature that will be coming to video is the ability of shooting higher resolution ProRes. This will allow editors like me to use video editing software like Final Cut Pro. Apple claims that this feature will be available later, but has not given a date.

The iOS 15 upgrade is available for free if you don’t want to upgrade but still need great photo features.