Picsart created a website with 19 image and video editing tools. They can be accessed free of charge in drag-and-drop formats. You can do resizing, file conversion, background removal, color picking, and many other tasks.

Picsart’s Quicktools service, which Picsart calls Quicktools, allows users to access 19 specific editing tasks that typically require Adobe Photoshop editing software. However, the interface is simple and can be accessed via a browser. It does not require membership or downloads.

Quicktools, according to Picsart, puts all major editing tools in one location. This allows anyone to access the “advanced but easy-to-use” tools found in the dedicated app.

Picsart representatives tell PetaPixel that Quicktools can be used to remove backgrounds, create transparent backgrounds, trim videos and convert file types.

Picsart Quicktools

It’s not an exaggeration. Although Photoshop has many editing tools, they are often quite tedious. Quicktools allows you to convert a PDF into JPEGs or HEICs. It can also turn a JPEG or PNG into PDF. Quicktools can also merge multiple PDFs or extract them into multiple files.

The software also includes a color wheel to assist in finding complementary colors, a color palette tool that can help you find a coordinating scheme and a color picker that will allow you to obtain the exact HEX or RGB code for any color.

Video tools include the ability to convert MOVs into MP4s and another tool that allows you to easily trim video directly from your browser.

Picsart also includes a background removal tool that allows you to create a photo with a separate subject and background. This can then be saved as a PNG in full resolution. Here are some examples (photos by David Crewe of PetaPixel).

Although it isn’t perfect, it is remarkably powerful for a browser-based tool that takes only a few seconds.