One of the greatest things about Scotland is its diversity.

The UK’s rolling countryside, vibrant cities, charming villages, and icy mountain peaks make it an ideal destination for your cottage vacation. Check out our list of compelling reasons to visit Scotland!

1. The stunning landscapes

Old Man of Storr

Scotland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. It is constantly changing, with rolling hillsjagged mountain sides, and white sandy beaches. Scotland has some of the most beautiful scenic drives anywhere, so there is no reason to make it your next road trip. The’Old man of Storr‘ is shown above. This is just one of the many photo opportunities you will have during your cottage vacation in Scotland.

2. It’s so close!

It’s too close to home not to get. Don’t make excuses! Scotland is only one hour and 10 minutes via plane from London. It’s a great destination for anxious travelers looking for cottages to rent in the UK. You can even drive across the border with your car if you want to take a road trip. It’s easy.

3. There are many activities to choose from.

Mountaineering in Scotland

There are many ways to travel around Scotland, including on foot, on bicycle, on boat, and even on skis. Many people don’t realize that you can Ski in Scotland. If you are thinking about going to the Alps, don’t worry! You can ski right at home. You can also try other leisurely activities like clay pigeon shooting and fishing.

4. Wildlife

Scotland is home to many different species of fauna. There are many species of native wildlife in Scotland, including deer, highland cows (otters), puffins red squirrels, seals and whales. If you are lucky enough to be on a cottage vacation in Scotland, you may even spot the Scottish wildcat. This is notoriously hard to spot.

5. Amazing architecture

Scottish bridge

Scotland’s architecture celebrates everything from Zaha Hadid to Mackintosh’s Art Deco. Modern developments, baronial architecture, and striking gothic structures can be found in the cities. You can also find lighthouses and other historic landmarks in the surrounding areas, such as magnificent churches and cathedrals, beautiful churches and abbeys and historical ruins.

6. World-famous events

Although we cannot guarantee the weather for your cottage holiday in Scotland we can tell you that Scotland offers events to suit every taste. You can dance the Ceilidh and eat haggis and tatties on Burns Night. You won’t be bored, we promise.

7. Magnificent castles

Eilean Donan Castle

There are many castles in Scotland, and they come in different sizes, styles, and ages. Our top choices are Dunrobin Castle , that will make you feel as if you have escaped to France. This chateau-style house dates back to the early 1300s and is one of Britain’s oldest inhabited homes.

The EileanDonan Castle, which is atop an Island with stunning views towards the Isle of Skye, is shown above.

You can also explore the fairytale setting at (the very Instagrammable) Craigievar Castle. This castle was reportedly the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

You can also rent castles in Scotland. You can stay in your own royal property and live as a King/Queen for the duration of your vacation.

8. Locations of magic

There are many hidden gems that are brimming with magic, as well as the stunning landscapes. The ethereal fairy pool on the Isle of Skye is one example. Another is the atmospheric Puck’s Glen which can be found just a short distance from Dunoon. Fingal’s Cave is located a little further off the Western Coast of the Isle of Staffa. This cave is similar to the Giant’s Causeway, and has been a source of inspiration for both authors as well as composers. It’s definitely worth the effort.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct is also instantly recognisable if Harry Potter fans are involved. The Jacobite Steam Train departs Fort William and crosses the Viaduct. It also passes through other famous Harry Potter filming locations.

9. Alcohol

Scottish whiskey

Scots love booze, so alcoholic beverages definitely deserve their own place on this list. Scotland is best known for its whisky. There are over 100 distilleries located in five distinct whisky regions each with their own unique flavours. A visit to one of these distilleries is a great way to warm up after a gray day. Th Glenkinchie Distiller y is a must-see!

Many people are unaware that Scotland is also known for its gin. It accounts for more than half of the UK’s gin production! Who would’ve thought?

Last but not least, we must give credit to Scottish beer. Due to the increasing popularity of craft beer, Scotland now has more than 100 craft brewery. In 1970, only 11 breweries existed in the country. The Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival offers a chance to taste the best of the region’s beers.

10. The Cities: Edinburgh vs. Glasgow

Visit both and you’ll be able to choose which city is your favorite. The capital is located in the red corner. It is richly populated with history. You can explore this history by visiting Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish National Gallery. If you prefer to shop, you will find some of the best wool, cashmere, and tartan anywhere in the world. Keep your wallet ready!

In the blue corner is Glasgow, which is bursting with culture. Stop by the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to see more than 8000 items. There is also a lot of amazing architecture in the city, including the charming West End with its cobblestone streets and charming shops.