The 2022 Playbook of CFOs for Enhancing Profitability and Driving Digital Acceleration

74% of CFOs say that lower profitability is the greatest risk to their organization due to inflation in input prices. CFOs are naturally focused on cost containment and reallocating spending to improve profitability in 2022's second half. However, 94% of CFOs are more ambitious about digital growth. 92% also plan to spend more this year on digital. It is not easy to drive digital acceleration and improve near-term profitability.

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This webinar will discuss:

  1. How to reduce costs and improve profitability?
  2. What should you do if your input price inflation is already affecting your business in a global setting?
  3. What's going on in China could have an impact on sales in Europe and Australia?
  4. How can you control costs?
  5. How can you distinguish yourself in a competitive world?

This webinar is intended for senior finance executives who are responsible for spending and managing costs in uncertain times. Good thing, this is all free and will provide an in-depth look at the disruptive technologies that are affecting the global economy. They will discuss how technology can impact financial services and how CFOs can navigate this landscape. How CFOs can navigate this landscape and how they can use technology to their advantage.

This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the most disruptive technologies that are affecting the global economy.

Experts Dennis Gannon and Alexander Bant will discuss seven common mistakes that CFOs need to avoid when trying to manage profitability in this environment. They will also share strategies for segmenting costs so that you can differentiate your performance over the next quarters and years.

This webinar will help you to answer all of these questions. The world is constantly changing. You must stay ahead of the curve if you want to remain competitive.

Even More Topics

  • Learn how to drive digital acceleration and improve near-term profitability
  • These are the seven most common mistakes in managing profitability today.
  • Frameworks can be used to help you separate costs and differentiate your performance
  • To gain a deeper understanding of your business, learn how data and analytics can be used
  • Learn how to create a digital transformation plan that is strong and takes a holistic look at the entire organization
  • How to make informed decisions regarding technology investments that align with your company's business strategy
  • Learn about the main issues surrounding digital transformation. Use an organizational framework as a guide to help you develop a plan for digital transformation
  • Smart home technology is the next generation. It will take some time to get to know the smart home and then to use it.

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